A Horse is a Horse, of Corpse, of Corpse...
(The Evolution of Mister Ded)

This year at Haunted Overload, we plan to make a horse-drawn cart for the cemetery. (Because we just didn't have enough to do this year.) We decided it HAD to have a dead horse to draw it. We discussed a number of concepts, but we were particularly inspired by the plywood horse skeleton that was created by Andrews Manor. Our horse will have to be seen from several angles, so we're going to cover the plywood in carved foam to make it completely 3D.

We started with a real skull that we purchased on Ebay. This is what a normal horse skull looks like.

...And this is what happens to a horse skull once Eric gets his hands on it. You gotta keep an eye on that guy...

This is just the first step of the sculpting. He'll be adding more layers as we progress.

Step one was to blow up a photo of a horse's skeleton and trace it out full-size. I missed by a bit and ended up with a skeleton the size of a large draft horse. A bit out of proportion to our skull...

So I shrunk him down to a more realistic but still nicely frightening size.

I've decided to call him Mister Ded.

Horse Bone Tetris!! Now to try out my new scrolling saw...
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