Well, here it is. My blank canvas. All the trim is one color, the dings are touched up, and the fly corpses are painted over. I had hoped those would magically go away over the course of the winter, but they didn't. Now they're a permanent part of the wagon. Fortunately they covered nicely.

It's time to get to work on the pretty stuff. I just gotta figure out what I want to do...

While I'm working on the exterior design, there is plenty to be done inside. I was finally able to polyurethane the furniture, now that I could vent the fumes a bit. It makes a huge difference to the look of everything. Much more finished looking now.

This is our sink area with mirrored medicine chest, basin and towel hooks. We use a crock (not shown) with a spigot that provides us with "running" water. Ideal for brushing teeth and washing hands.

I also reworked the fabrics from the old wagon and added some new ones. Of course, then I HAD to go ahead and make up the bed, even though I had to take it all down again when I was finished. I was consumed with curiousity to see how everything was going to look. The bed now sets up as a large couch for use during the day.

I like it. I'm never going to leave once I move in.

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