The good news is, there are still a few things that I can do to keep myself occupied until warm weather arrives. Time to build in those last two pieces of furniture!!

I dug through my scrap pile and discovered that I had almost all of what I needed for the bench seats.

This one will be where we keep our non-perishable food and cleaning supplies. I'm going to put a small shelf across the back for canned goods. Last time around, the smaller items tended to get buried in here. I think a little shelf to get them above the pile will help a lot.

Darn! Not quite enough wood. I need to buy one more half sheet to do the lids. Not bad though, considering I had assumed I'd need to purchase all the materials. It's always nice to find most of them just lying around waiting to be put to good use.

I considered using smaller planks to do the lids, but I usually have blankets on them, so nobody will see them much anyway. I'm also thinking of framing out the front of each bin to make it look a bit nicer. More like furniture and less like plywood.


See? Like this. (Okay, so it still looks like plywood. Don't worry. It will be much prettier by the end of the week.)
All finished and in place. I'll probably darken the stenciling a bit, and add more gold touches. I should also polyurethane, but I'm going to wait until we can put the wagon outside. At the moment I can't stand up in it, and there's no ventilation. It can wait a LITTLE longer. I'm pretty fond of breathing.
But for the most part, the furniture is finished! Hurrah!!
Oooh, this time with fabric!! It would be downright palatial if I were four feet tall.
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