I'm not going to kid myself that I can make my wagon detailing look exactly like the real thing. Basically, I'm way too lazy to do those intricate carvings. Oh--that, and the fact that I don't know how to carve. On top of that, I actually want to keep it simple because vardos aren't period and the carvings are very Victorian. But, I am going to personalize it as much as I can. The door arch has now been re-cut (I really did do a lousy job the first time) and painted the correct color. I'm working on little plaque things to decorate it. Quill pens for Craig and a goat for me.

Turns out, quill pen carvings are really hard to find. I wanted a three dimensional piece, so I bought a couple of those commercially carved wooden filigree thingies at a home improvement store and chopped off matching pieces in approximately the shape I needed for the feather. Then I cut the quill point out of balsa and covered the whole thing with faux gold leaf. I think people will know what it's supposed to be. I'll be doing some background painting on the plaque, and the yellow trim will be receiving extensive detailing. Still just a bit too cold to get outside and do this part, but spring is on the way.


Here's the finished centerpiece in place. Carved goat heads are not as tough to find as quills it turns out, but unfortunately the ones I liked tended to be expensive. They're not nearly so easy to cobble together as a pen, either. I eventually took a brass goat hook that I had, molded it in clay (Had to make a version without the hook and alter the shape a bit) and cast it in resin. I waited until it was hard enough and pushed a screw into the back so that I'd have a way to mount it to the wood. A little gold leaf and voila! This one has a bit of painting surrounding it. It should be a nice focal point when everything is done, right above our painted horseshoe.

Unfortunately I can't back up enough to show all three finished pieces, but this shows two of them in place. You'll just have to picture the trim all painted.

I really am going absolutely nuts right now. I know in a few more weeks I can haul the whole shebang out into the spring sunshine and start painting detail onto everything. But, for now the paint is very flat and uninspired and I can barely stand the wait.

C'mon SPRING!!

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