I decided to try a tile floor this time around. I didn't tile all the way into the cargo area, but a curtain will cover that. I just nailed down a carpet edge so I wouldn't peel the tiles up when I was moving boxes in and out.

This way, I actually have a lot of spare tiles. It gives me enough leftovers to replace a few if it becomes necessary.

The first piece of furniture to go in. (Well, the first piece besides the bed platform.)This was the only piece that could be purchased commercially and adapted. The rest we're planning to build in around the wheel wells.

Hey look, I lied. A few days later I found this pre-made cabinet. It was the perfect size for our sink station, and the price was right. Now I only have to make the two bin/seats, and those are really easy.

As you can see in the lower corner, it had to be chopped up a bit to fit over the wheel well. (I saved my receipt, but I'm guessing the furniture store wouldn't have taken it back if it hadn't fit.) It left an ugly spot, but that will be covered by the remaining furnishings when they go in. It's a much more attractive cabinet than I would have been able to build, so I'm glad I found it. Next step is to cut a hole in the top for the bowl sink, but I'll worry about that later.

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