Next morning, Daphne and I posed smugly for one more photo of our record-breaking accomplishment...




Craig got it hitched up...



...and he and I headed for home.

There was a bit of explaining to do at the Ontario border, but they gave us a couple of odd looks and let us through. This was the sight that greeted me when I got up the next morning. Not something I ever expected to see. The shipping company was delayed picking up the old wagon, so we had both of them in the yard for one night. Our faithful green vardo left for its long journey the following afternoon.

Yes, I got choked up. Sue me. Even though we made a new wagon, I'd gotten awfully attached to this one. It's given us some great memories over the years. It's now off on a grand new adventure and so are we. Here's hoping that it goes well for all of us.


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