With all the cleats in place, the roof is one piece.

We screwed it to a 2x4 down the long edge so that we'd have a handle to pull it by, as well as to keep the pieces from sliding around. Next step was to heave it bodily up and over the subroof. This was easy in one way, because the wagon was down, making it shorter than Daphne was used to working with. On the other hand, it's the largest roof she's ever done, so it was heavy.

Craig had arrived by then, so we got his help to haul it over. With the three of us, it only took a few minutes to drag it into position. Unfortunately there are no photos, since all of us were required for the job.

It's attached with a million screws, and the final step is to dab some roofing tar on the few places where there were seams between the cleats. Nobody will ever see it up there.

The finished roof, in place. Craig and I actually liked the look of the 2x4 handle along the side, so we reshaped it and left it in place. That will eventually be painted to match the rest of the yellow trim.
Craig also got to lend a hand by drawing out the curve for a decorative overhang to put over the door. I then did a very poor job of cutting it out, but that's what wood filler is for.
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