The outer roof is aluminum. That also had to be cleaned, primed and painted--in between other jobs--over the course of the week.

This is it, finished in a lovely shade of WHEEM!!! yellow. (Translation: reeeeeally bright yellow.) Daphne had it left over from another caravan, and it matched my colors nicely so I used that instead of buying more paint. I figure that I'll instantly be able to spot it in the Pennsic aerial photos now.

Incidentally, the flies REALLY liked this color, and even though I picked most of their ugly little butts out of the paint, I'm sure there are a couple of them up there for all eternity. Okay, enough about the flies...

THIS is the blasted barn cat, my other animal nemesis. (She has no name. If you name them, you have to let them inside.) The majority of the time I was trying to work, the barn cat was twining affectionately around my ankles, as she's doing in the photo. I was constantly chasing her away so that I could work. Her behavior was bewildering, because she didn't actually want me to pet her. If I tried, she turned into a spitting ball of flying claws. Chasing her away or yelling at her only worked for a few minutes, and then she was right back at it. She'll probably cause some unfortunate wagon workshop patron a serious injury one day, by tripping them at an inopportune moment. She certainly tried that with me enough times.

The next step is to assemble the roof pieces so they can be pulled as one piece over the top of the wagon. We had the roof cut by a local aluminum shop. Here, Daphne is sliding a cleat onto one of the seams.
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