At this point, I'll explain to the best of my ability how the lift mechanism works, because I know people will ask.


See, there are pulleys...

...and a winch.

And that, dear readers, is the extent of my knowledge. It was too cold to climb underneath and check it out more thoroughly, and I was just relieved that it functioned properly.

I'm totally serious... I don't have a clue how it works. This was made by someone else and delivered, complete, to us. I wasn't there. I just told the guy what I had in mind and he built it. I don't have plans, or photos, or nuthin! This mechanism is a complete and utter mystery to me. (I'm only saying this because I received three emails in the less than 24 hours since I posted these photos, asking me to explain how the thing works, and I'm afraid the only answer I had for them was that I was a moron and didn't know.)

If you're really interested, you can contact Daphne via her website, and see if there's any more information to be had. I got the distinct impression that Don the trailer guy wasn't eager to build another frame like this, but he may change his mind. (I'm not guaranteeing that!)

Maybe next summer I'll actually pick a day and wriggle my way under the thing to get some better pictures. This was not that day. There was a harsh wind blowing across the plain, and we were a week late beginning construction. It was time to drag it inside and make up for lost time.

As it turned out the frame needed a few minor adjustments, and to our disappointment we STILL couldn't get to work immediately on the fun stuff. We did stick one plank on, just so we could go to bed knowing that we had started the walls.

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