The two weeks spent in Canada at Daphne's Caravans were really something. I think it's probably the most intense caravan workshop she's ever had. There was a delay with the trailer frame, so the first week I was up there, I mainly just painted in preparation to build. (I'd just like to state here that this is no slam on the trailer designer. Without going into detail, there was a death in his family that week, and I'm amazed that he had the fortitude to finish it at all in the time available. He's a really great guy with a stellar reputation, and I am exceedingly grateful to him.)

The frame arrived my second week, and from there it was just a flurry of activity. More about that later. For now, this was my first introduction to my new vardo. One big pile of planks.

Since they were going to be red eventually, it was necessary to paint them with a tinted primer. I got pretty tired of the sight of Pepto Bismol pink.

The shed we were working in had its own tenants, and they had a tendency to watch us at night and stroll around on the pine when we weren't around. I figured my friends from the Court of Miracles might appreciate photographic evidence.

The return of Eddie Fingers?

My painting station, and the nasty pink being covered by a nicer shade of red.
MUCH better.
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