Darren brought his wagon over to my house today so I could work on the fabrics for the interior. I just had to get a shot of the two vardos together.

(Does having more than one gypsy wagon in my driveway make me really weird?)

The curtains and decorations only took a day or so to make and install. Darren has discovered that having a packrat for a sibling is really useful--I already had a bunch of neat things, like the tassel tiebacks for the bed curtain.

He made a sink area with a water crock and pantry shelf.

And finally, the bed area. This is a full size mattress. As you recall, we made the wagon much wider than we would have needed to fit this size futon. Since Darren is so tall, we made it plenty big enough for him, and I just made a bolster to fill out the empty part. Now for the first time he can sleep in a bed where he feet don't hang over the edge.

The bed will be a nice couch during the day.

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