This is the framework that holds up the canvas top. The long supports simply slot into the end walls, and there are two straps that go around everything and hook underneath. The straps serve the dual purpose of holding the poles in place and preventing the canvas from sagging.

This is the canvas top nearly finished. (I conked out early and only stayed long enough to do the sewing, so I didn't get photos of it all done.)

The ropes will eventually tie to cleats mounted on the sides of the wagon--the trailer hitch was only a temporary solution. We also have to grommet the sides to clip tightly underneath the horizontal shelf.

I told Darren I was going to move in, but he said he'd just steal my wagon if I did. He's mean.

This photo shows the gold painting a bit better than before. All that's left to paint is the lower door. We'll put a horse or something on that, to make it a bit more traditional.

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