The upper doors worked out well too. One is a little warped at the very top, but I don't think it will matter. There will be a pretty good overhang once we put the tarp on, so rain shouldn't be able to get in. At worst, we'll just put a lock of some sort on it to close it tightly when it becomes necessary.

Here's a side shot to show the increase in size. There's still some framing carpentry to be done that will strengthen the upper walls.

The tarp ended up being exactly the right size, with just about a yard of fabric left over. We might do a cratch and cover on the back, just for fun.

This was just a quick test. Once all the supports are figured out, I'll head over with my sewing machine and we'll fit the canvas properly. We'll probably need one more arch support in the middle of the wagon to keep the canvas from drooping.


An interior shot to show the expanded space. Darren intends to put a window in the far end as well, but he hasn't cut it out yet. It's easier to find your shutters and THEN cut the opening to fit.

We used a dusty green colored canvas. It looks gray in the photo, but in person it's fairly close to the color used on traditional bowtops. It should look great with the paint colors Darren has chosen.

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