Score!! Never ever ignore the piles of stuff your neighbors might be throwing away. I found this great door and shutter style window in a pile marked "Free" while I was out shopping this morning. Took some doing to cram it into my car, but I can't wait to show it to Darren to see if he can use it. They should be perfect for the upper and lower doors on his wagon.

We can cut the door down to fit, and the shutter glass could be replaced with wood panels or plexiglass. They're even the correct size already.

What a lucky find!

The hinged walls went on a few days later.
And yay! The door was perfect after it was cut down. The windows will go in next to create the upper doors.
Here's a shot with the wall up. While he works on the framing, upper door, and front window, I'll get the canvas sewn up so we can start working on the top.
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