Here's the basic wagon. He'll be adding a door soon, and shutters for the window. After that, it will just need a coat of paint and a canvas top. The whole thing can easily be moved by one person. A small car should be able to handle the weight with no trouble.

Time to pack up. The bottom of the front wall is permanent, and the same height as the side walls. The top of the front wall just unscrews and pops off. Then it's laid in the bottom of the wagon on top of the bed frame. The back wall is all one piece, to make the door simpler. That also comes off, and lays in the bottom.

This is it, ready to travel. Needless to say, the smaller pieces of equipment will probably be stowed in bags, or inside of built-in boxes so they don't blow around. Then a tarp will be bungeed over the entire thing to keep out the wind and rain.

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