Let's assume this shows the foot of the bed. The head has an identical arrangement. Each end of the bed, therefore, has a set of two ropes that can be pulled as one. These conveniently hang almost invisibly against the walls behind the bed curtains during the day. The right side of the diagram is the narrow wall at the end of the wagon, the left side is toward the open living space of the wagon. Normally two of us will pull the bed up to the ceiling--we each take one set of ropes. Then one person will hold it there while the other clips it to the upper frame with clip hooks to keep it safely in place. (I prefer to do this instead of just having it hang from the ropes all day.) It can also be lifted by just one person, although it's not quite as smooth. For those instances, I've mounted two boat cleats on the lower walls of the wagon to hold the ropes until the bed can be clipped.